Sunday, January 2, 2011

something new for 2011

I've never done one of those year end wrap-up posts, but I always enjoy reading others', and I imagine they're fun to look back on yourself months or years into the future, so here goes nothin'...

January: We enjoyed a couple of snow days, and took our first purely independent trip as a family of three. Elliot had traveled a LOT before then - six (long) RT flights and a multi-state road trip - but they were all trips to visit family or attend out-of-town weddings. This was just M and I picking a spot on a map, buying plane tickets and a hotel room, and following nobody's schedule but our own. It was lovely.

February: We had an unusually quiet month with lots of time around the house. The high point was a long visit from C&T, two of our best friends that live way too far away. 

March: We celebrated E's first trip around the sun by getting his first haircut and having a low-key day at home - with a cupcake, of course. The following weekend, we hopped on an airplane and had a big birthday bash with both of our families and a handful of friends.

April: This was the month that K launched a major "extra-curricular" project - her first since E came along - and M passed a big scary test for work. We also dyed eggs (you all saw how that went already, but here's another shot) and got a visit from the Easter Bunny who brought E the coolest chair. He's seriously used it every day since - smart Bunny (a.k.a. M).

May: This month saw our second-parent adoption, the procedure by which M was finally granted equal rights to reflect her equal status as E's parent. It was a frustrating hoop to have to jump through, but a moving and affirming day nonetheless. It was also a big family month as we had Gramma, Papa and Granny all here for visits. We spent lots of time outdoors, soaking up the wonderful weather before the summer heat set in.

June: This was the month K's project kicked into high-gear, leaving little time for much else. We spent a very long, very hot weekend at Pride, Elliot had his first nasty cold - poor baby, and we saw the RE to start the ball rolling for TTC #2.

July: Another month of K being crazy-busy and M taking up the slack, but hey, at least there were fireworks.

August: We had another family-heavy month. M and E took their first solo trip together - a flight to visit Granny and Grandpa. By all accounts (and pictures), a good time was had by all. When they got back, Gramma and Papa were here waiting to continue the spoilage. Between trips, visitors, and the culmination of K's project, we managed to squeeze in a trip to the blackberry patch. 

September: K started off the month by flying with Elliot to visit Gramma and Papa. Lucky us, they live on a lake and it was the perfect farewell to summer. After that, we just seemed to bounce from one busy weekend to the next - 2 weekends in a row of events for M followed by 2 weekends in a row of events with E's school. Oh yeah, and we realized we had an 18 month old. What the... ?!

October: Busy, busy, busy. Granny came for a visit, M and K both had business trips (at different times, thankfully), E started swim lessons, we had half a dozen social engagements and playdates, we converted our basement into a tricked out "man cave" for E (a.k.a. a playroom), we picked apples and carved pumpkins, and of course, dressed our child up as a woodland-creature-slash-lawn-ornament. E also began his battle with the plague, but more on that in a moment...

November: This month started off with a bang, and by bang, I mean first scary-high fever and corresponding trip to the ER. Poor E was so sick. M and I traded off spending days at home with him until we'd both exhausted our sick leave accounts and put off work tasks as long as possible, and then Granny came out to give us some much needed relief. A couple of weeks later, Gramma and Papa arrived for a long Thanksgiving visit. While they were here, Papa built their Christmas gift to Elliot - a train table for his playroom. (Have I mentioned how completely obsessed with trains he is? It's unbelievable.) When he saw it for the first time, he just ran around it in circles hyperventilating. He loves loves loves it.  Just before Gramma and Papa left, E came down with his first ever stomach flu. We're ALL hoping it's the last one he has for a loooong time.

December: Holiday gatherings galore. Cookies and candies made by the gross. Travel to Granny and Grandad's for Christmas. It was Elliot's eleventh RT flight but the first where I had serious doubts we'd all get off alive. The perfect storm of an overtired nearly 2-year-old, who has really become too big and active to be a lap child, on a long, full, late, day-after-Christmas flight made our return trip something out of a horror movie. We've officially sworn off flying until the international trip we have locked in for this summer - lord help us all. But, I really shouldn't let the last 6 hours eclipse the first 6 days. The visit was wonderful - lots of sunshine and good times with family and friends. We took E to an aquarium that rocked his world, he rode a horse for the first time (Granny's horse, with M who is a very skilled rider), and he understood and loved every moment of the Christmas festivities. We said farewell to 2010 over champagne with good friends and brought E home to his own bed, which he stayed in until 9am the following morning. I can't imagine a greater gift. :-)

I hope that 2011 is off to a good start for all of you and your families, and that the remaining 363 days are filled with peace and happiness. Cheers!


Trinity said...

OMG, K--this is such an awesome post! What an adventurous 2010! :) I LOVE each and every one of these pictures--such great documentation of your family's year! :) Happy New Year, friend!

Strawberry said...

You have officially solidified my decision not to fly with Miles until he's like, 3 (and we'll see where we're at by then). Overall a great year for you! Such a handsome little man.

tbean said...

What an awesome post--I just loved seeing all these great photos of your handsome and adorable little man. Thanks for sharing.

Pomegranate said...

Thank you. I loved reading this. Maybe I'll try writing one someday. :)

jessie said...

love all the pics - I can't believe how much he's grown!