Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Prepare to be impressed!

My gift from the craft exchange arrived yesterday. The lovely and - apparently - very talented family over at 1 in Vermillion made this trio of stuffed bears for us.

E is positively smitten, and the rest of us are pretty excited about them too. :-) I'm hoping to get my craft out in tonight's mail, if I can make it to the post office on time. If not, it will be headed to its new home tomorrow morning.

The holiday scramble has elevated life from relatively crazy to downright insane, but I'm hoping to get back on here soon with an update. In case I'm not able to make good on the "soon" part, here are a few quick notes: Babies are on the move, eating solid foods, getting teeth, sleeping in separate cribs, and adopted. E is giving M and I nightly lessons in patience as he explores the wide and wonderful art of bedtime avoidance. We launched a behavioral intervention a couple of nights ago that seems like it might be helping a bit, but we're not counting any chickens just yet. We're readying our home for holiday visitors which has its challenges (confession: we had to order more dishes) but it means we don't have to fly anywhere (win!) and we get to have Christmas morning in our own living room, which hasn't happened since... 2007? It's a good way to end our most exciting year yet. Hope the holidays find all of you similarly happy and healthy!