Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A few notes from here

- We went out of town this past weekend for the wedding of an old friend from college. 300 mile road trip each way and an incredibly loud, over-stimulating party in the middle but the kiddo was a complete rockstar all weekend. He let us make both drives with only one feeding stop each way. At the wedding, we put him in the moby right after dinner and he slept there peacefully for the next several hours. We even danced with him in it! He was totally easy-going the rest of the weekend as well, charming all of our friends who were meeting him for the first time. We were so proud. :-)

- He went six and a half hours between feeding last night!! I can hardly believe it. I don't know how much of that he was asleep for because M put him down and while I remember her coming to bed, I have no clue what time it was. I'll ask her when she gets up - I'm posting this from my phone during "upright time" after a 4am feeding. Regardless, going that long between feedings is step one toward a lot more sleep in our house so I'm happy!

- I'm pretty sure E actually IS getting cuter by the day. He's certainly getting bigger. M and I were both marveling at his size yesterday, which seemed to have visibly increased overnight. Ok, she was marveling; I was tearing up over the realization he really is growing up as fast as everyone threatened he would and before I know it he'll be in college or something. I think this kind of crazy thinking means I'm officially a mom, and a cheesy one at that.

- E is all into baths now. He lays there with wide eyes, cooing and smiling away. It's freaking adorable.

- I go back to work in three weeks. I'm ready for a little more structure and I miss the social interaction but the thought of leaving E in daycare makes me queasy. I think daycare is good for kids' development, but that is Theory and this is my baby. He is really recognizing us these days and I'm freaking out that he'll feel abandoned by us each time we leave him there. Unfortunately, I did not win (or even play) the lottery during my leave so we have no choice. Even if we didn't need my salary, we need my health insurance. M can't adopt Elliot for six months and he can't go on her insurance until that happens. Stupid.

- Mother's Day was quite the "what a difference a year makes" event for me, but I'll have to save my thoughts on that for another post as my time is up on this break!


Meegs said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Post new pictures so we can oogle his growing cuteness too! :-)

Laurie said...

Oh, it sounds like things are going so nicely for you guys. I agree with Meegs... we want to see pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

I bet he is getting cuter by the day. Sounds like the wedding went so well. I hope he continues to get good sleep in the night and that you do too of course. xo L