Thursday, November 12, 2009


That's what I call Elliot when he's extra snotty, and it's the perfect reference for how I feel at the moment.

We got word today that M's mom was diagnosed with H1N1, or as my co-worker calls it, The Swine. Of course this news comes (a) on the heels of M's visit to her parents' house last weekend where her mom was sick in bed the whole time and (b) at the beginning of me coming down with some illness that has me feeling like my head is full of cotton balls. Awesome. I know H1N1 is respiratory (right?) and what I have seems much more like head-cold-with-a-side-of-sore-throat, so hopefully it's all just a coincidence.

Also in the "I hope this is just a coincidence" category, all reports from Elliot's daycare today were that he was inconsolable. I hope it isn't because he is getting sick, too. Maybe it's teething. Yeah, that's it... teething! (Please.)

He's been a little crabby at home the last couple of nights, too. I have chalked it up to the fact that he has become incredibly mobile overnight (literally) and he resents the restraints we have imposed upon him. I hope that is really all it is. It's been a big week in terms of his independence. He went from tentatively crawling a few steps at a time to speeding from one room to the next in the blink of an eye. We finally installed a baby gate at the top of the stairs last night, so that gives us a little peace of mind. We're still trying to figure out how to safeguard our brick fireplace hearth. He pulls up on EVERYTHING, but he hasn't yet learned to sit himself back down when he wants to move on to the next activity, so he looks around panicked for a minute and then starts whimpering to be rescued. It's both cute and nerve-wracking because I'm constantly watching him, trying not to intervene more than I have to but terrified that he's going to let go of whatever he's holding on to and crack his head on the ground. He hasn't yet, knock on wood. He seems to understand that he can't let go of whatever he's holding on to, he just can't figure out what he CAN do yet.

I can't believe he's nearly 8 months old. If I'd gotten a BFP when he was born, I'd be due around now. Baby time goes so much faster than waiting-for-baby time.

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feministhousewife said...

Congestion/head cold feelings are not a symptom of swine flu. A fever, non-productive cough, and body aches are the most common symptoms, based on what I've read.

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!