Sunday, November 22, 2009

picking up a shift

I don't blog.  (this is M)   I'm not a great writer or communicator but I thought I'd give K a night off on her posting once a day thing.

K's parents are in town for two weeks and we are enjoying the benefits of having babysitting at our beck and call.  I have to say that these days I am proud of our lack of babysitting, its like a badge of honor for me. Our days of doing shifts with the baby so we can see a movie 3 hours apart from each other makes me feel like we can and are doing this all ourselves, so there.  When friends offer babysitting these days I balk at it because I think it hurts my cred.  There are times however when I just wish we could do more things together, so these two weeks will be nice.

So what did we do with our spare afternoon, you might ask?  We filed and cleaned.  I know, romantic right? Being an adult is lame.


Inlocoparentis said...

That's depressing. If I remember correctly, however, K got kind of a sick high off of organizing (like, with pretty labels) long before any of us were adults. Have you crossed over to the dark side?

K said...

Actually, M far surpasses me in the quest for order these days. :-) I've been too overwhelmed to face our accumulation of STUFF for the past, oh, I don't know... three years or so.