Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cinderella post

I have about six minutes before my stagecoach turns into a pumpkin here.

I have finally finished watching the DVDs but I still have all the grade sheets to fill out. Aaaaah!

Elliot and I leave tomorrow on a long plane trip and I couldn't be looking forward to it less. He's really too big to hold on my lap for 4+ hours, especially with a stranger sitting half an inch off my elbow. And lets not even mention the fact that I haven't packed yet. M has been pulling things together for me for the last half hour or so and I'm not in bad shape, but I soooo just want to go to bed, and that is an hour away, if not longer. :-(

Thanks for the compliments on my little monkey. M and I were pretty excited to discover that costume. As I tell people in regards to the availability of donor sperm, it's amazing the things you can buy on the internet! ;-)

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