Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I'm coming out as a Black Friday shopper, BUT I solemnly swear I will NEVER be trampled in a toy-inspired stampede. I don't care about it that much. I really just take it as a big scavenger hunt where the clues are hidden in the ads and I get to make my list and plot my course and partake in some excellent people watching, and hey, maybe even score some great deals on Christmas gifts. And if not, no worries. I didn't even go out until 8:30am this year and if you know anything about Black Friday shopping, you know that is waaaay too late to count as a respectable showing.

Best people-watching incident of the day: The woman in and Jack who demanded to pay full price for an item that was 25% off (the whole store was 25% off before noon) because she "doesn't feel comfortable buying gifts on sale." The poor salesperson said she'd have to check if that was even possible since their computers were automatically set to provide the discount. A few minutes later, they told her they couldn't override the computers to sell something for a higher price so she'd have to come back tomorrow. She left without purchasing anything.

The score sheet for the day: Heaps and heaps of clothes for Elliot, a few things for M and I, and one stocking stuffer for my mom. Oops. Now that E is here, it seems I have lost my interest in shopping for anyone other than him! Oh well, everyone needs a hobby, right? Elliot's reign as the best-dressed member of our family has been preserved for at least a couple more months, and for roughly 50 cents on the dollar. :-)


Laurie said...

Did you hit up Carters??? We went around 8:30 as well and came home with about $600 worth of clothes for $161 out of pocket :) I LOVE the hunt of Black Friday as well but didn't drag my big ol' belly out into the craziness this year... just Carters!

tbean said...

Okay so that shopper made me laugh. Sorry I haven't been commenting more, but I've been really enjoying reading your NaBloPoMo contributions.