Saturday, February 28, 2009

with 39 minutes to spare...

OK, I totally almost missed posting today, but here I am. It would have been really embarassing if I couldn't make it through a week. This is why I will never run a rapture email service*.

In my defense, my "day" was only a few hours long. I slept for a good chunk of it - still battling this stupid cold. I woke up with just enough time to shower and brush my teeth before heading out to a trivia night and we just walked through the door returning home. We tied for first place, by the way. There's a first time for everything, apparently!

Even if I went into labor right now, there's a less than zero chance I could deliver before March 1st, so yay for that. Hopefully we won't have any action for a few more days so I can get over being a stuffy, sneezing disaster.

*among many other reasons

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