Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Thanks for all the supportive comments about keeping the little one baking for a few more days. I had an OB appointment today but no real updates. She doesn't do internals, not that those provide much useful information anyway. We paid the rental fee on the birthing tub and made a 39 week appointment for 3/5 which I hope I won't make it to.

Currently, I'm sick with a nasty cold and en route to the couch. It's been coming on since Monday but I clung to denial as long as possible, hoping it would just go away. It hasn't. Today my OB said I needed to take a day off to rest and offered to write me a note. Getting approved for the time isn't the problem, it's getting my work done before I leave! As it turned out, I look and sound lousy enough that my boss sent me home early today and instructed me not to come in until 2pm tomorrow when I have a meeting, or not at all if I'm not feeling up to it. It's nice to have such a flexible workplace, even if I am stressing about how I'm going to get everything finished before I leave. My goal all along has been to have everything done by Friday, just in case. Now it may spill over into next week a bit - hopefully I'll be around long enough for that to be okay!

Oh, and I'd like to amend my post below. Reason #10 should be: My dear friend inlocoparentis has picked March 3rd in our baby pool and, as she has pointed out, someone has to win so why shouldn't it be her gosh darn it?

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Laurie said...

I am with your friend... it should be March 3rd... but because that is the day of my transfer. And perhaps if your baby is born, mine will implant :) You know, the whole balance of the universe...?