Thursday, February 26, 2009

I am impervious to your scare tactics!

I'm home and feeling like crap - worse today than yesterday, in fact. I need to get off the couch and shower if I'm going to head into work this afternoon and I really should. I can't believe my body decided to get sick NOW. I finally packed my hospital bag last night. I felt lousy but realized I'd probably feel worse in the midst of labor and since we don't know how soon that will be upon us, I didn't want to chance it.

I've been watching (well, scoffing at) TLC and Discovery Health's hours of baby-themed television this morning. It's such crap - all revved up for dramatic effect. I know that's all those shows are, but it's still shocking to see them play out sometimes. If I see one more whispered hallway interview about the dire circumstances a laboring mother is about to be rescued from...  I simply can't imagine what women did before we had access to C-sections at every turn! Blech. It's certainly reinforced my desire to stay home as long as I can.

More contractions today but still nothing regular. The baby is moving around a ton (probably because I'm not) and I can't believe how huge he or she feels in there!


Anonymous said...

i still cant believe how close you are, it seems like you got your bfp just yesterday!

hope you feel better soon, you do NOT need to have a cold in the middle of labor! :D

thiswillbe said...

Oh my goodness-- I refrain from peeking in on you for just a few days and see what happens?! All this news!!

Best wishes getting over your cold!

Christine (thiswillbe)

Anonymous said...

Wow, it really is just days untl your little one is here. Wonderful! I hope your cold subsides very quickly, and I'm sending you all kinds of healing energy.

bleu said...

OK my one bit of advice for this stage of pregnancy. Get it in your head that you will likely go over 40 weeks. PLEASE
40 weeks is the average, meaning just as many have to go over and under. First time babies usually go over unless induced.
At the end it is hard, the waiting, the contractions for weeks on end making one think it is going to happen every night. This is normal but very hard. When you convince yourself it will happen before 40 during this time it can be a real mindfuck, I know I did it and I went 42 weeks.
I just don't want you making yourself crazy is all.

Much love and rest!!!

bleu said...

OH and I got sick at the end too, I know many women who have, not sure why but it is miserable.