Tuesday, February 24, 2009

no welcome mat out just yet

As promised, a list of reasons why we are pleading with the kiddo to stay put for just a little while longer:

1. M and I have plans to attend a big fundraising event this Saturday for a group I'm on the board of. A ton of our friends are coming and it will be a lot of fun... if we make it.

2. We have tickets to the symphony on Sunday. It's a program M has been looking forward to for a while and I'm not sure they issue refunds for concerts missed due to labor.

3. M's mom will be in town until the morning of the 2nd. She has said in the past that she doesn't want to be here for the birth, although she's starting to drop hints that her feelings on this may have shifted a bit.

4. M's mom will be in town until the morning of the 2nd. M is really looking forward to a peaceful, relaxing, mother-daughter bonding weekend and she'd prefer not to have it upstaged by the arrival and/or first few days of life of her irresistably-cute-but-high-maintenance son or daughter.

5. M's mom will be in town until the morning of the 2nd. I love her mom and I'm glad she's coming. That said, I hope to labor at home for as long as possible and I'd prefer not to have any houseguests - even family - staying with us while I do. 

6. I have a TON of work to do at work and I could really use a few more days there to wrap things up.

7. The organization I work for is in the process of adopting a new policy manual. This manual will include a parental leave policy granting 2 weeks of paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child. (We currently receive nothing. We are given three days of paid bereavement leave, but not a single hour on the day we push out a baby.) This policy is slated to be approved at the March 17th board meeting but will be made retroactive to March 1st. My supervisor specifically asked if I would be eligible for the leave if I deliver before the 1st and was told no because they have to draw a line somewhere. (For context, the organization I work for employs roughly 25 people and I'm the only one about to pop. It's not like it would be an expensive exception.) I could probably fight this one, but it would be a pain and easier if the little one can just stay put for 4 more days.

8. M and I are in the process of getting some guardianship and other legal documents in place and we have an appointment to sign papers on March 2nd.

9. I know this is really reaching for the stars, but my parents arrive on the 4th and my mom is desperate to be here for the birth. If I can make it a whole eight days, that will just be the best of the best case scenarios.

10. I don't have another reason. I just really wanted to make this a top 10 list once I finished the last item and saw how close I was.

Now that I've written all of this out, I'll probably go a week past my due date and laugh bitterly every time I read about how worried I was I'd go too early. I kind of don't think so though. I actually thought I was in labor last night. I had BH contractions all evening to the point that I asked M if she thought we should be timing them. Instead, we decided to deny them and pretended nothing was happening. Later, I was eating an ice cream bar and the chocolate coating kept falling on the floor. Have I mentioned lately that I'm huge? Yeah, bending over to pick up little pieces of rapidly melting chocolate was NOT making my night. At some point, I became Done With It and mumbled a string of obscenities which made M burst out laughing. This made me start laughing. And then I was crying. Or was I still laughing? I don't know, it was all a little ambiguous. I decided that I was having some kind of a hormonal meltdown and therefore I MUST be in labor! The baby has dropped so low I can hardly walk. I had an awards luncheon to attend today and some co-workers I hadn't seen in a week or two were stunned at the difference. Things definitely seem to be gearing up. Hang in there, little one! Only a few more days to go!

In the grand scheme of things, none of these "problems" matter, of course. We're ready, and even if I don't get the leave (the most tangible benefit for waiting until March), we'll be okay financially. I didn't even know it was a possibility until about a month ago anyway. As much as I'm enjoying the relative peace of these last few days before our lives change forever, I'm also aching with longing to meet this little person I've already grown so connected to. It's nearly impossible to believe he or she will be here within the next couple of weeks, perhaps sooner than later.


tbean said...

How are you already 38 weeks pregnant? Seriously? How did that happen???

I hope that kid stays put until next week. :)

anofferingoflove said...

i'm with tbean, i cant believe you are so close!!

hope the little one is listening and stays put until you are ready!

Meegs said...

I wouldn't stress about it... a lot of first time babies come late.

My friend Ro had blood pressure issues at 37w, along with a ton of BH. The baby dropped at 38w and she thought between those three things it would be a matter of days. At 41w her water broke and she was induced because that baby still didn't want to come out!!

I'm hoping for a happy medium for you!! Not too early, but not late either. I think March 5th sounds good. :-)

R said...

Here's hoping the little one stays put for another week for you!! :) Time just flies by.. wow!!

Inlocoparentis said...

Um, I'd really appreciate it if the kid would at least wait for my day in the due date pool. I don't mean to be demanding, but someone has to win, right?