Friday, February 27, 2009

my friend M

I am crazy sick. I'm netipoting like a mad woman but I can't keep up with the congestion. Blech.

In only-vaguely-related-to-baby news, M and I are spending this evening reviewing the final drafts of the legal documents we had done to protect our increasingly complicated family structure. Throughout the various powers of attorney and wills and so forth, the phrase that is repeated over and over is: "I, M... bequeath to my friend, K..." It's funny (and not) to see our relationship referred to that way in legal documents. I get that we are legal strangers and that's why we're doing this whole thing, but it's still weird to see it in print. I wish we could just leave the relationship terminology out altogether. Oh well. When all of this is done, M will be the legal guardian of "my" child should anything happen to me, and since we're signing papers on Monday, this protection will be in place from the first minute of the child's life which gives both of us so much peace of mind.


jessie said...

We just got our legal documents notarized. Such a bizarre, but important, thing to have to do. Feel better!

Anonymous said...

The legal stuff is so weird and awkward and just doesn't ever fit our life - But so good that you are doing it. I hope you feel better soon. xo l

tbean said...

My wife and I lived in MA for 11 years and are married there. Every time I have to check single on some legal form (taxes or w-2s or whatever) it just kills me a little bit.

But now the legal stuff is done and lookie have only 11 hours to go and you'll have made it to March! Hooray!

heal quick momma!