Friday, February 13, 2009


I just realized it's been over two months since I posted a picture. Good grief! It's not like I haven't been taking the darn things. To make it up to you, here is a photo extravaganza to get us back on track. Can we be friends again?

First me:
28 weeks

32 weeks

34 weeks

36 weeks

(Yes, that's right my friends. I'm planning to give birth to... a basketball.)

And now the cute one:

It's not the best pic, but this kid has got some seriously chubby lips and cheeks! I wish they'd given us a picture of one of the frontal face shots. Those were pretty amazing for a 2D machine.

Aaand, my reason for keeping the antacid folks in business during these tough economic times. :-)

Just to show you how guilty I feel, I'll throw in a few bonus pics from our attempt at "artsy" belly pics, taken around 30 weeks:

We're still trying to decide which to get prints made of and what to do with them.

That's all I have for now. I've contemplated taking cankles pictures but I think those are one part of this lovely journey I don't need documentation of, thank you very much.


Heather said...

love all the pictures!! I like one that is black and white with your hands making a heart. Its just....lovley :)

Heather said...
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jessie said...

your belly is GREAT!

Anonymous said...

I'd go for the black and white heart picture.

Inlocoparentis said...

The ultrasound pictures are so cool - can't wait to meet the little one in person!

this said...

wow, those are great! it is so exciting to see you so far along!!

R said...

Just beautiful! LOVE THE PICS!!!

Meegs said...

Ahh! Your belly is so cute!!

tbean said...

Love the photos! And happy full term! (1 day early)
squee--it's so soon! :)

Luisa said...

great pictures, thanks for sharing them. You grew a belly and lost some hair by the looks of things ;-)I'll put my vote in for the booties snap.

Can't wait to see some "outside" pics of le bebe.

Anonymous said...

hi k, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog today!

i've been following your blog, but have been a bad commenter, i'm afraid. the pictures are great!!

we miss you over on bbc!!