Monday, June 16, 2008

we're on deck

I just got the call from my clinic. My ER is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

I have 27 follicles, none of which are quite to the size they like to see before triggering, but my E2 is 3727 which is apparently cause for concern. The nurse did a thorough screening for OHSS symptoms and gave me the medical exchange number and a list of things to watch out for. I'm doing my best not to freak out, but I'm quite the hypochondriac, so there's lots of room for improvement. They're letting me go ahead and trigger tonight and I don't think they'd let me do that if they were overly worried about it.

I didn't have the specific symptoms she asked about (dramatic weight gain, infrequent urination, shortness of breath) but I generally feel like crap - nausea, headache, fatigue - and I have terrible heartburn. My ovaries are killing me and I'm beyond bloated, but the nurse assures me those things are normal.

I'm trying to figure out what to do about work tomorrow. On one hand, it seems like I should be taking it easy and my schedule at work tomorrow won't allow for that. Also, if I'm home, I can do dorky things like measure my urine output and weigh myself every 10 minutes if I want to. On the other hand, I'd be home alone all day and, historically, me being left to my own devices for extended periods does not play well with my medical paranoia. I guess I'll check in with M and see what she thinks.


Mrs. Bluemont said...

Wednesday! I'm so happy for you darling and ever hopeful. I say stay home so you can give us more updates.


Lizzie said...

Does this mean that you're on schedule with Vee & Jay, too? (I mean, except for the transatlantic time diff?) Very auspicious. I'm so marking down Wednesday and thinking of you!! YAY. I say go to work if you need the distractions from overthinking and overstressing, stay home if work is going to be hell tomorrow. Good luck!!

bleu said...

Well wow wow wow that is some awesome numbers. I would start downing gatorade and eating lots of protein now though just to help avoid the ohss.

Sending lots of love.

veeandjay said...

Amazing that we've remained exactly in synch! I hope your follies plump up in time for retrieval. You must be in agony - I'm aching just with 4!!
Good luck with staying distracted and follow Bleu's advice to ward of OHSS. I think you'll be fine.

Inlocoparentis said...

Wednesday - how exciting is that?! I vote for staying home and calling me to talk about your luscious, voluptuous ovaries. You know the number.

Sarah said...

Stay home. once you trigger you are going to be a in a lot of pain. Trust me.

babypants said...

I hope the removal goes as painlessly as possible and that all 27 eggs are fat and heathly. Good luck tomorrow, I will be thinking of you.