Friday, June 13, 2008

stim report: day 8 - updated

The coin toss is not going well. The current tally is pregnant: 2, not pregnant: 5. I'm sort of hoping the negative trend is a form of karmic preparation for the really big "heads" to come in the form of our actual BFP.

On the flip side (pun intended), my stims seem to be doing their thing. This morning, the sonographer saw 5 follies between 10 and 12.5 on each ovary with 12 more under 10 on the left and 8 more under 10 on the right. It's nice to have confirmation and numbers to obsess over, but the aching in my ovaries alone told me things were progressing nicely. I'm anxious to get my Estradiol results. On Wednesday, they decreased my Follistim to 150 units. Hopefully they'll keep me at the lower dose today. I'd like to stretch the liquid gold as far as I can.

Oh, fun story: I was traveling for work yesterday and I found myself in a cramped, dirty Amtrak station at injection time. I tucked myself into a stall for my daily Lupron and Follistim fix and I couldn't help but wonder how many people had shot up in that very stall before me. It was totally one of those "How did I get here?" moments. Good times.

Updated to add: The clinic call is in. Response is looking good indeed. She said they actually saw 7 measurable follies on the left (still 5 on the right) and my E2 is 893. Meds remain the same and I go back tomorrow for another scan and stick. The nurse today said she'd guess my ER is going to be on Wednesday or Thursday, which is a little later than I hoped for, but oh well. I had to order more Follistim to get me there (ker-ching) but the end is still in sight.

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Inlocoparentis said...

I'm so glad to hear things are on track. Thinking of you.