Tuesday, June 3, 2008

my life in bullets

I thought all day that I'd get around to posting this in a detailed, narrative form, but our air conditioning is broken which means my tolerance for sitting in this hot computer room in the midst of a Lupron headache is very low. I'm ready to head for the basement with my girls (that'd be M and the dog, not... you know, but I'll be taking them too, I guess). So, here's the nutshell, possibly to be fleshed out at a later date (tomorrow?); possibly not.
  • Sunday = best day ever. OK, maybe not best ever but darn close. Spent the whole day with M - shopping, eating, going to a play... bliss.
  • Yesterday = worst day ever. Again, I'm exaggerating, but can we just agree to let it go? First I found out through the grapevine that the wife of a friend is pregnant and in her second trimester already. This was followed by a conversation with my co-worker (on her first day back from maternity leave) about how perfectly wonderful it is having a 3-month old at home because 3-6 months really is the golden period and blah blah blah. Finally, I had an annoying situation come up with my fellow bridesmaids re: a wedding I'm in later this summer that took out my last nerve. The non-hormonally-challenged me would have just been a little bit put off, but oh no, a normal reaction was not in the cards. I have no fuse these days. I was in tears by the time I hit the parking lot and a complete mess by the time I arrived home.
  • My Lupron hell waned over the weekend so I decided I'd given it a bad rap. I was wrong. It now seems the acupuncture I had on Thursday night was just a lot more effective than I realized. Lupron Headache is back in full force and he's brought his friends Muscle Aches and World's Shortest Temper. I am soooo over this stuff. Next acupuncture isn't until Friday morning. I may try move it up, now that I realize how much it was helping.
  • Suppression check is tomorrow. If all looks good, stims will start Friday. I can't believe I'm going to be adding an extra shot per day. I'm running out of pincushion acreage.
  • I feel very prepared for the chance this won't work, but I'm going to be soooooo unbelievably bummed if that comes to pass.

A/C repair is scheduled for tomorrow, praise the deity of your choice. I'll post the results of the suppression check once I have 'em.


bleu said...

Just sending love.

veeandjay said...

Finding out people are pregnant really ruins the day, doesn't it (IVP excepted)?

Does thinking about it not working make you feel hysterical? No going back now though, I guess. I expect to start stimming Friday too.

Inlocoparentis said...

I was once in a wedding with someone who turned out to be quite obnoxious. You don't know her, I swear.

Sorry about the AC and Lupron, love.