Wednesday, June 4, 2008

first hurdle cleared

The call came in. I'm appropriately suppressed. Lupron goes down from 20 to 10 units on Friday and Follistim (225 units) and antibiotics begin. First stim check (bloodwork only) will be on Monday, June 9th.

I didn't get the nitty gritty details (that's not how my clinic rolls) but the nurse said I had "very low" estradiol and there were "lots of small follicles on both sides just waiting to come forward." On we go!


jay said...

Looking good for you! Onwards and upwards. We're rooting for you.

Inlocoparentis said...

Is it really just a couple of weeks away? Squeee!

Lizzie said...

sound great !!

Meegs said...

Good luck K!!!
Rooting for lots of big beautiful follies forming for you!