Friday, April 20, 2007

An update I owe

I'm at KD's with 1 business meeting down and (probably) 1 to go. I don't have the energy to write much about the path that brought me here right now, but it will have to be documented at some point. In the meantime, here's the nutshell version:

Monday, April 16th - My monitor moved to "high", which is not good, since that's when you're supposed to start having sex if you happen to have a male partner lying around in your bed. All I could do was cross my fingers it wouldn't peak until I was at KD's. (Typical # of days at high = 2-3)

Tuesday, April 17th - I told my parents about us TTC. It went well, I think. It was a hard conversation for me (more later, perhaps), but my parents were thrilled (of course) and I got to cancel my rental car. :-) My mom agreed to drive me to and from KD's (from the airport) so we could visit in the car both ways.

Wednesday, April 18th - No peak yet, but a damn near positive OPK accompanied by major ovulation pains starting around 5pm CST. If I were in fact ovulating at 5pm, it would be virtually impossible to have any chance of pregnancy by the time KD got off work for a business meeting on Thursday. Commence total melt down. This is the thing I'll have to write more about later. Total culmination of all frustration of the last few months surveillance difficulties triggered by a straw breaking a camel's back. At the end of my melt down, we decided I would still go to KD's. The worst case scenario is I just get to spend a weekend with KD and his wife and see my mom, with no chance of pregnancy resulting.

Thursday, April 19th - Full positive OPK and peak on the fertility monitor. Against all past experience (why can't my body ever just be consistent?!) my "ovulation pains" continue for a solid 30+ hours. I've never had them go on for more than 2-3. This indicates that - at least this time around - the pain I was attributing to ovulation was more likely from the follicle build up rather than the actual release. We went ahead with an insemination last night, and the pain started subsiding around 10pm. It looks like we may have caught the tail end of the window after all, praise the deity of your choice.

We should probably have one more business meeting tonight, but we'll see what today's fertility signs hold as the day goes on. That's the scoop for now. It's nice being here and I'm really excited about spending the weekend with KD and his wife, no matter what happens on the TTC front. Not saying I'm not hoping for a BFP, but I'm feeling pretty realistic about the (un)likelihood of me getting pregnant without additional intervention at this point. I have an appointment with the NP a week from today and we're going to discuss starting medications and some diagnostic options for next cycle. I just think I'll feel more optimistic about our chances once some of those elements are integrated.

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