Sunday, October 2, 2011

lesson learned

You know I didn't stop testing at 6dp5dt, right? Nope, I tested at 7dpt and 8dpt as well. Between three days of obviously darkening lines and what I then realized were actual symptoms (mostly just a lot of strong cramping and sensitivity to smells, with a little fatigue and flashes of mild nausea thrown in for fun), I did not test on Friday morning (9dpt). I didn't feel like I needed the reassurance and I only had a dol.lar tree test left so it would be hard to compare to my series of FRERs anyway.

On Saturday, I woke up early for an event I felt kind of... good. Better than I had in days. Breasts weren't as sore; no cramps. I decided to use my last test. Beta is Monday, last test was Thursday, let's split the difference, shall we? Surely it would be darker and would scare off all those pesky fears that were trying to creep in.

I'm sure you can guess where this is going.

The test was not darker. It actually looked barely positive at all. Like, I had to hold it at the right angle and squint just right to make out the line. Definitely lighter than the last dol.lar tree test I took on Thursday. And of course, I didn't have another test in the house to get a second opinion.

I tried to tell myself it was clearly a faulty test. I tried to reassure myself that after three strong positives, one almost-negative test couldn't be taken on its own, but I still kept thinking nononononononono, I've been here before and I know what comes next. I can't do this again. I can't. The angel/devil argument kept playing as the cramps and heavy uterus feeling settled back in. It kept playing as my stomach danced, regretting the veggie burrito bowl I put into it for lunch. It kept playing despite my highly-unusual afternoon nap (?!) and echoed still as I crashed on the couch at 9pm. It prompted me to buy another package of FRERs at the store yesterday afternoon.

When I woke up needing to pee at 5am this morning, I laid in bed for a while, trying to convince myself it would be okay if it was negative. I'd be okay. I'd survive. It would be beyond terrible but I'd take a week off work to mourn and regroup. No need to hoard my vacation time for a maternity leave anymore. We'd talk to our RE and come up with a plan. There's no way we could afford another IVF cycle for at least a year, but maybe I could qualify for a study? Surely someone would want to study why my uterus seems to be burning through embryos at such a ridiculous rate. In any case, we'd need to answer that question before we'd consider doing anything with our lone snowbaby. Sounds like a long, scary road. When I finally made it to the bathroom, I dipped the test in the cup and half-watched the liquid spread across the test window with an asteroid in my stomach. Even out of the corner of my eye, I saw the test line begin to darken instantly, well before the control line started to appear. I breathed a sigh of true, deep gratitude as the lines darkened. Three minutes later, the test line was clearly wider and darker than the control.

I'd like to think today's symptoms (more cramping, more mild stomach upset, and holy-hell, the hit-by-a-truck-fatigue has arrived) would have put my mind at ease even without the test, but I doubt it. I had a teacher in high school who's catch phrase was "Engage Brain." He said it to us all the time, as in, think. Don't just believe what you are told. Come to your own conclusions. Three BFPs + symptoms + one fluke test shouldn't have had me jumping to the worst of conclusions, but it did. Fear was more powerful than logic for me yesterday. I'm sure it's not the last time that will happen.

Beta is tomorrow. I'm feeling confident and pregnant. And very tired.

Switching gears for a moment... Three toddlerisms from today that I don't want to forget:

M to E, after putting her ball cap on his head and twisting it to the side: Say "'Sup, Homies"
E: 'Sup, Ponies

E, moving his trains around the track: Here you go, Sweetheart... Come this way, Sweetheart... (Got that one on video, thank goodness.)

Damn it. Already forgot the third one. *sigh* I really miss my brain.

Headed to bed. Will post with a beta number as soon as I have one!


Anonymous said...

awww I can totally see how easy it would be to get yourself all freaked out right now. The good news is, you totally sound completely and utterly pregnant... and from what you wrote, sounds like you're feeling it, too! That's gotta be reassuring. Can't wait to see a good strong beta tomorrow! =)

Allison said...

Congratulations! Sounds like things are going well, despite the one negative. Finger here are crossed for your beta today! :)

Stacey said...

OMG my heart was racing as I read that. I've had a chemical pregnancy so I was feeling that dread. So thankful that it was just a faulty test. :) Don't go scaring us like that again. ;)

After our chemical, I always pee in a cup so I can do multiple tests in case the results need a confirmation from another brand. :P

Inlocoparentis said...

Damn you, DT HPTs, DAMN YOU! Seriously, I'm sorry you went through that - very scary. First trimester is such a roller coaster, but I'm hopeful the beta will give you lots of reassurance! :)

gem29 said...

What a story...... the things we do to ourselves, eh? Looking forward to a crazy-high beta this morning!!!

Meegs said...

Its such a rollercoaster, isn't it?! And while its easy to say, "man, I should have thought about that logically"... that's practically impossible, its such an emotion thing!

I remember when I was pregnant with Gwen, I went in for my 12w appt with my ultrasound scheduled for a few days later. They couldn't find the heartbeat at the appt, so they pulled out a crappy ultrasound and got a picture of her real quick. I was assured momentarily, but did that stop me for sweating the crap out of that ultrasound? No! Trav was all confused at my relief when we left the "real" ultrasound, "but sweetie, we knew everything was okay?"

Lucy said...

Good luck with the beta! Here's hoping its high and strong :)

Sugar said...

I'm with everyone above...fingers crossed! I rapidly read through this post and almost skipped to the end like in a book...I wanted to know but slowed my roll to read in order!!! GOOD LUCK tomorrow!!!!