Monday, September 19, 2011

serenity now

I just got the call from the hens at the RE's office. All 12 embryos are doing their thing to some extent. Here's what we have:
  • 2 4-cell
  • 1 5-cell
  • 2 6-cell
  • 3 7-cell, and
  • 4 8-cell
They are dividing slower than last time. So, that's a bummer. On the flip side, we still have 12 embryos, so feeling lucky about that.

My main goal right now is to keep myself centered in the belief that anything is possible. Every little bit of news that comes in tries to lure me into the dreaded all-or-nothing thinking...
  • Stimming doesn't seem to be going as well as it did last time. It's not going to work!
  • My BFF In Loco Parentis contributes the single most important ingredient to our BFP cocktail. It's going to work! (P.S. Thanks for the toddler!)
  • The nurse tells M we only had 11 eggs retrieved. It's not going to work!
  • Fert report comes in confirming 19 eggs retrieved and 12 embryos. It's going to work!
  • Embryo update pales in comparison to where we were last time around; many are lagging behind where they want to see them. It's not going to work!
I'm doing an okay job of staying open and hopeful, but it's hard, and of course there is room for improvement. To that end, anyone who wants to tell me success stories about sluggish embryos is kindly requested to pull up a chair. Also, if anyone can remind me when I'm supposed to start eating pineapple, that'd be awesome too. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Those numbers are great. Beautiful. We had less on our successful IVF cycle, so know that it totally can work. We also have a friend who not only was a slow responder but had sluggish embryos who has a little girl about to turn one. Hope right now doesn't have to be your flag, the rest of us can carry it for you. You just be however you need to be.

As for the pineapple, it's supposed to help with implantation so I'd start now I believe.

tbean said...

Hey lady--aren't embryos supposed to be 8 cells on day 3? So don't you have four perfect embryos currently and 3 almost-perfect embryos? I'd say you are doing awesome. Rock star even.

gem29 said...

yeah I agree with the pp.... 8 cells on day three is fantastic!!!! And you have 4 of them. And three backups. I didn't think you were really wanting quadruplets??

Lucy said...

Those are great numbers!!!!