Sunday, November 14, 2010


I finally got caught up on my reader. My weeks of neglect yielded 300-something posts to catch up on. There were some real gems in there, too, like this post which just might make you pee your pants if you were obsessed with 90210 in the early 90s as I was.


Elliot is 20 months old today. That is almost as many months as we spent trying to conceive him. I'm not sure I'll ever get used to how much faster time flies on this side of things. Just one more reminder to be grateful.


Elliot says "bless you" when anyone sneezes, including the dog. The other day, he blessed me from his rear-facing carseat after I sneezed in the drivers seat. Adorable.


I'm over the moon that E's feeling better, but I miss the extra cuddles.


M's mom and I spent a couple of hours researching accommodations for a major trip we're taking with her family next summer. The whole thing is feeling much more real (and more rapidly approaching) than it did a few days ago. Are we going to survive overseas travel with a 2 year old? We're pros at domestic travel, but this is going to be a horse of a different color.


M and I are considering thinking about possibly buying a new (maybe, but probably just new to us) car. We have been together almost 10 years and I have only just uncovered a tragic secret about M: She likes hatchbacks. ;-) I'm not a fan, but I guess you figured that. I had a hatchback in high school and I liked it at the time, but now they all kind of seem like "kid" cars to me; like the car you have before you move up to the real model*. Fortunately, I don't actually care all that much and since M will be the primary driver of this new car, a hatchback it likely will be, as long as we can find one that can comfortably fit two car seats in the back**. We're in the very, very early stages of research but we kind of like the Ma.zda 3s. Any good or bad experiences or other cars we should check out?

*No offense to the hatchback drivers out there. I have a deep affection for hatchback fans. I love them so much, I married one. ;-)
**See how I did that? Pretty freaking bold, huh?


I got a pregnancy announcement on FB this weekend. The couple's first child was born 9 days after Elliot and #2 is due in May. I'm so jealous... and really happy for them... and jealous.


Elise said...

We had a Mazda 3 hatchback and as much as I LOVED that car pre-kids, 2 carseats in it was not comfortable in any way. We were so happy to say goodbye and get into something bigger.

Inlocoparentis said...

Don't know about the hatchback, but God, I loved the 90210 FB link. Genius.

tireegal68 said...

I love my Toyota Matrix and I like to think of it as a little SUV!! I'm with M - love the versatility of a hatchback - there should be a club for us hatchback lezzies!

Strawberry said...

Elliot is so cute :)

Nutella likes hatchbacks, too. I don't really, but if she gets a cool one for her next car, like a Mazda3 (which is in her top 3), I won't mind. I just wouldn't buy one for myself. She also likes the Fit.

tbean said...

We have a Matrix hatchback that we got 5 years ago specifically for the dog--a place to put him in that wasn't where people sit, so that when he is all dirty from the park, it isn't in the backseat. Have really liked it ever since. And our new-to-us second car is a Mazda CX-9. We had to go with the ginormous SUV to accommodate all things twin...but I have to say, we are LOVING having a Mazda.

I saw that little mention of second child. Then I started doing math for your upcoming summer trip. And thinking of your post from a few weeks back. I respect your privacy but definitely look forward to hearing more about all that when you are ready to share!

Katie said...

My wife is a hatchback/small wagon fan too. It is past time to get rid of her little Saturn wagon and we're looking at maybe getting a Subaru Impreza hatchback. We liked the Matrix a lot but all the Toyota stuff is getting kinda ridiculous, and the Honda Fit seems too small. So it'll probably be the Subaru...we'll see!