Tuesday, July 8, 2008

it was a big pregnancy day

1. I told my boss. She knew we were doing IVF but was out of the office all last week and I was off yesterday so this was the first time I saw her since getting our BFP. She was very excited for us.

2. I cancelled my Weight Watchers monthly pass and in the area where it asks why you are discontinuing your membership, I got to check the "I am pregnant" box. Ahhh, I have been waiting to do that for a loooong time.

3. My office is shopping for new health insurance and we had to fill out those annoying health information forms. I had to check the box for "currently pregnant" and fill in our due date. I've been in my job for over three years and this is the first time I've had to fill one out since my initial enrollment when I was hired. How funny that it happened today and not, oh, a week ago.

And in related news... My mom cracked an egg this morning and found that it had 2 yolks. Per her email, this never happens anymore so it must be a sign. She's still positive it's twins, beta statistics be damned. She's positively incorrigible, that one. Love her.


Jendeis said...

Congrats on all those wonderful happenings! Can't wait till I get that WW checkbox. :)

H said...

What a fun day! I am so happy for you both and even though you are worried, I think your beta # was great. I started a blog and added you to my blogroll,I hope that was okay. Let me know if not and I'll fix it.

Inlocoparentis said...

Just be glad the egg did not have three yolks, or there were not two eggs with two yolks or something . . . :)

giggleblue said...

lol! i never knew that about the egg thing, although there was this lady selling double yolk eggs at the farmer's market this past weekend! i was pretty floored by the fact that she had cases of the things.

btw, i hope you are eating your daily 2 eggs! i heard it's good for the babies.