Thursday, February 14, 2008


As I was laying on the acupuncture table this morning I realized that - for many reasons - this would be a really, really great month for me to get pregnant.

In an uncharacteristic turn, I am feeling oddly... superstitious (?!?!) about posting them here for fear I will jinx it. I totally don't believe in jinxing things, so this is a new one for me. (A pregnancy symptom perhaps? Good grief, I am truly certifiable.) I'm sure you can guess most of them. They all trace back to time and money, of course. Doesn't everything?

More importantly, I'm trying to will these thoughts and hopes out of my head altogether because I know I'm setting myself up for nothing but heartache if I stake extra wishes on this cycle for any reason. Been there, done that; trying to evolve here...


bleu said...

I totally do not believe in jinxes and get completely swept up in them with all things ttc and IF.

I really hope this is it for you hun.

Inlocoparentis said...

Hoping and praying with my whole heart. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah! Success! I finally get to comment. I've spent the last week or so trawling your archives and getting to know your backstory (and my, oh my - what a story!) You are a wonderful, reflective, insightful writer and I found your story compelling. I started at the end and worked my way forwards, so was constantly hoping for a happy ending - maybe you are just upon the cusp of one right now.

I found so many of my own experiences echoed in much of what you have been through. The organisational and legal crap aside, we have both escalated through at home insems, IUIs, medicated IUIs and are now staring IVF in the face and wondering how the hell we got here. I really hope neither of us need do more than eyeball it before we get BFPs.

Finally, I just wanted to say how amazing I think your donor is. And his wife.

Take care,

K said...

Thanks for the kind words, vee. It's exciting to find someone on such a similar road. I've bookmarked your blog and I can't wait to read about your journey so far!

p.s. Yes, our donor is a freaking rock star. We are so, so lucky.