Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hoping. Again.

Everything went really well yesterday. The cryobank sent a full two times as many vials as I expected, which is awesome. We have enough to get through five months of IUIs (including this one) and even add an ICI at home during three of those five to boost our chances. Hopefully we won't need to go through them, but it's wonderful peace of mind to know they are all right here at our disposal.

For some reason, I'm really hopeful this time. I thought I was past the point of getting my hopes up too high, but apparently not. I feel that any little difference from previous cycles is cause for optimism at this point and my ovulation pains were on the opposite side from where I normally have them - stronger ovary, dare I hope? Also, I think our timing was perfect, and there was the HSG... I'm keeping everything crossed.

My show opened last night, and that went pretty well too. Near the end, I was standing backstage and my "daughter" came over to wait with me for our entrance. When she got to my side, she put her arms around my waist, leaned her head against my stomach, and whispered "Hello mother!"

Oh honey, I hope so.

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