Wednesday, August 24, 2011

odds and ends

1. Lupron injections use tiny syringes. I had forgotten how easy and painless they were. Quite a change after the PIO I shot up most recently. One shot down, eleventy billion to go.

2. Two nights ago, E said he wanted a new baby. M asked if he wanted a brother or a sister and he chose sister. It was the first time he's said anything like that to either of us. We, of course, haven't discussed anything related to IVF or potential siblings in front of him. I would be knocked over by his superhuman display of perception except that I'm 99% sure this was brought on by the fact one of his best school buds is expecting a little sister in the next couple of weeks. I'm certain they've all been talking about it a lot. So yeah, it's totally a coincidence, but the timing of his declaration is not lost on me.

3. We're headed to Disneyland on Friday. The fact that we haven't let E watch anything but the odd Thomas episode here and there has made the Disney characters complete strangers to him. We've had him in boot camp for the last couple of weeks, watching youtube clips of Disney movies (hence his recent crush on Belle) and listening to the music for The Tiki Room, Pirates of the Caribbean, and so forth. I think he's ready. ;-)  The last time we went to Disney (World, that time) was right before our last IVF cycle. Hopefully it will bring us good luck this time, too.


tbean said...

Good luck and I'm thinking of you. Lupron needles are SO teeny, aren't they? It's like--hey, this is a piece of cake! What is not a piece of cake--IVF in general. I know how scary it is when the stakes are impossibly high. One day, one stick, one check, one breath at a time. You can do it! And you are right, no reason not to be hopeful!
Have fun at Disney. I'm eagerly awaiting the over-processing thoughts on the Beatle. :)

Inlocoparentis said...

Eleventy billion, heh heh heh. Light urple.

Let's talk for a minute about how you deserve a medal for not letting E watch TV. That was always my plan, but I seriously don't know how we would survive without Elmo. I can't wait to hear how Disneyland goes!