Monday, March 26, 2007

The rest of the details

I had one solo business meeting via shipper, as I posted earlier, and then KD arrived on Thursday night. On Friday, we headed off to the cryobank for our acting challenge. It ended up being no big deal. I think the NP was right - they don't really care. They just needed us to use the right language to help them get around their legal restrictions. KD was blessed with a skilled phlebotomoist and I'm sure he hardly even missed the gallon of blood they drew from him. ;-)

They ended up requiring fewer tests than we originally expected (read: we had to pay less money), and we didn't have to pay any of the "extra" charges we had planned for in our worst case scenario. The whole cryobank piece cost a lot less than we expected, which was a pleasant surprise. When the cryobank tech came out to hand us the processed slides, she had a little grin on her face and made a comment about things looking "really good." We didn't find out exactly how good until we checked out the analysis results in the elevator on the way down. Let's just say that KD exceeded every parameter in a big way. This led us to joke for the rest of the weekend about how he is 12 times better than the average male (yes, TWELVE). So we raced down to the NPs office and arrived on time for our appointment without a second to spare. She whisked me back into an exam room and told me to continue holding the PP slides until the last second (we had to keep them at body temperature). I'm sure I looked like quite the fool trying to get undressed, the whole while keeping the tube in my hot little hand.

So the NP came back in and checked out the SA results. Her exact response was "Oh wow, K. You're getting pregnant today!" Her confidence was so reassuring. She did the insemination, then asked me to stay relaxed for 15-20 minutes while she went to check the sample under a microscope. She stuck her head back in a minute later and said that she wanted me to rest a little longer, but she just had to tell me that she made a microscope slide out of our power point slides (ha ha) and she couldn't believe the way they were just swimming away. She said she'd also made a slide of my cervical mucus to check for the ferning pattern that indicates good timing and there were "beautiful ferns all over the place." She said she'd let me come see them in a few minutes. About 10 minutes later I was standing in the lab staring through a microscope lens.

Holy crap.

That may have been one of the coolest things I have ever seen. After I looked... and looked again... and brought KD back so he could look (mistake - he was not as impressed as I was - LOL!), we went into her office where she gave me a pregnancy test and a date to check back in with her. She kept saying that she knew it was going to work this time. She was so confident and excited, it was truly infectious, and therapeutic, to be honest. I left there on cloud nine. I soooo hope this is our month!

And that was the end of our TTC efforts for the cycle. We could have done a business meeting at home on Saturday, but I'm pretty sure the window was closed. I actually think our IUI was later than ideal, but hopefully not so late that it won't work. The rest of the weekend, we just spent hanging out and having fun. It was really nice.

So if this cycle doesn't work, KD will have to ship us PP slides from here on out. I learned on Friday that the cryobank does NOT use the same shippers we used this time, which actually makes me feel a LOT better. They will send KD a mini cryopreservation tank so he can freeze the slides right away and they will remain frozen until we need them. It'll be crazy expensive of course, but we're kind of past the point of caring about that part. Hopefully it will be a moot point anyway.

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