Friday, November 17, 2006


And the question is: "How is K feeling right now?"

Yup, I'm headed to KD's in T minus 16 hours and I have a raging sinus infection. That's very high on the list of "things not to fly with" these days, just ahead of bottled water and over 3 oz. of shampoo. The last thing I needed today was a reason to take more time off work, seeing as I'm taking next week off, but I knew I had to get some antibiotics in my system, so I caved and went to my primary care doctor this morning. I am now 1 dose into a Zpac and still feeling sinus-infection-yucky, but now I have antibiotic-side-effect-yucky icing on my cake. Super!

I AM glad that it is a sinus infection and not a recurrence of my dental infection. I was starting to have hyperchondriac fears of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria setting up camp in my system. Just to make sure this was not the problem, I went to my dentist last night and had him x-ray the infection site. No infection there, so that is good. He did, however, find my unrelated sinus infection, and he also suggested I go to a chiropractor due to a misalignment of my neck which he thinks is causing the mega-headaches I've been having the past couple of weeks. (Yes, he's a very holistic dentist.) I had a mini-panic last night as all of this unfolded and I asked M if she thought I should cancel my trip. I was doubting that a pregnancy could take in a body as broken as mine. M reminded me that crack addicts get pregnant all the time, so I was probably okay. She's got a decent point. That girl has some good perspective.

So: Antibiotics for sinus infection... check. Chiro appointment for neck fixing... going in one hour. After this little tune up, I should be running well. If this doesn't bode well for conception, I don't know what does. Damn, I was trying not to get optimistic about this one. ;-)

In related and good news, my monitor showed a high reading this morning, meaning I *should* ovulate within the next couple of days. Hopefully not tomorrow (please!!), but Sunday or Monday would be perfect. I could come home a day early and go back to work next week. It would be nice not to have to use as much vacation, and get a little work done while I'm at it. The end of this month is going to be upon me very, very quickly.

I'll be sure to keep you all posted on baby-making, round 2!

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