Friday, March 23, 2012

Greetings, wise internets.

I come to you with questions!

I've had all these debates bouncing around in my head for days or weeks or months and I keep thinking "I should ask the smart people who read my blog about that." I even started a list... but it was on a post-it which I seem to have lost. So, here are the two I can think of right now, most likely to be followed up by more in the near future.* Thanks in advance for any thoughts you care to share!

1. Baby Books - Anyone have one they love? Must be appropriate for a two-mom family, obviously. I keep going back and forth about whether to get the same ones for Crash and Bash as we got for E. On one hand, I like the consistency of getting the same book for each child - nobody's will be cooler than anyone else's. On the other, is that boring? Would it be more special for each child to have their own unique book? One pro for sticking with the same one is that it took me FOREVER to wrap my head around the billion milestones I was supposed to be watching for with E, and it would be nice not to have to "learn" a new book this time around. That said, E's book wasn't anything amazing. I picked it up a few days before he was born when I realized I didn't have one yet and I chose it primarily because I only had to cross out one reference to "Dad" instead of 629 like all the other books I looked at. I wonder if I could do better with a little more advance research. Which brings me back to... Anyone have one they love?**

2. Bear pictures - We took E's picture with a bear every month for the first two years of his life, and intend to do so on every birthday from here on out. I'd like to carry this tradition on with Crash and Bash. The question is... Same bear? Different bear? Different bear for each child? On one hand, I like the idea of using the same unit of measurement for each child. On the other hand, is said unit of measurement going to become a family heirloom in which case it would be nice for each child to have their own so it can live in their homes someday, be chewed on by their offspring, etc?

Any thoughts?

*Actually, these will definitely be followed up by more in the future as I have a whole separate list of questions for the twin moms out there - so many, in fact, they warrant their own post, so that will be coming soon!
**The astronomical probability of these books being totally neglected is not lost on me. It was hard enough keeping one book up-to-date. I realize I may look back at this post a year from now and laugh at the very thought that I might maintain two baby books while raising twins and a preschooler. But, I want to try. And the first step is having the books there just in case I might, you know, want to write a sentence in one every 6 months or so.


anofferingoflove said...

yay, just what i needed - an it's-almost-5pm-on-friday-and-i-dont-feel-like-working-anymore distraction! :)

1. we bought Molly West baby books for all of our girls. i like them a lot, absolutely no "dad" references. that said, i have to tell you that although we bought the twins' before birth, we didn't even write their names in them until they were over a year old. bird's has a million details, and the twins' are meager. i wish we could have done better, but just keeping them alive and happy was all we could do for the first 12 months! (i console myself by telling myself that we at least took a million pictures to document the year!)

2. we did monthly bear photos too and used the same bear. but, i never really thought of it as being an heirloom item. with that in mind, i like the idea of getting them each their own.

Allison said...

1. We got an Eric Carle baby book for The Bean. There are just a few references to "dad" in it. We whited them out. It's cute and it's brief. Not too much to fill out --just the basics plus big milestones. It was exactly what we wanted (minus the dad references).
2. Different bears, for sure. With the potential for these to become heirlooms, different bears would avoid conflict.

Unknown said...

We bought a babybookfrom here No dad references, nice unique book. I don't have any suggestions for photos, sorry.

Zach said...

We bought The Wonder of You because it was the only affordable one we could find (read: not etsy or something customized) that didn't have "dad" in it. It's beautiful, too.

I like the idea of different bears.

Emily said...

i gave up on finding baby book sand am just making my own on Shutterfly...

And I vote same bear :)

Bionic Baby Mama said...

we got one from this person:

it's awesome, and works for any combination of parent genders. ...not that we've written in it in months.