Monday, December 6, 2010

trapped under something heavy

I bailed on NaBloPoMo. The only thing stranger (to me) than doing that is the fact that I don't care. I'm usually someone that will move heaven and earth to avoid any type of failure, even the most minor and inconsequential, but I'm not myself right now.

The Thing That Shall Not Be Blogged About is in full swing, and it's taking more out of me than I expected. Other things taking more out of me than expected - both good and bad - include but are not limited to:

- We bought a new (to us) car - yay! It's a 2007 VW Rabbit in great shape with low miles and heated seats. Yes, it has many other luxurious features but none are quite so lovely as the butt-warmers. :-) It will be a bit of a squeeze if we ever need to put two carseats into the back, but we tried it and it works. The fact that it even has a back seat is a huge step up from the tiny pickup M was driving until a week ago. I drive an SUV which is and can remain our primary family car, but this is a much more practical "back up" vehicle, and also M just plain works hard and deserves a better car than the one she had. Mission accomplished.

- My parents were here for an extended visit - yay! Elliot got to stay home from school for almost two full weeks of spoiling. My dad built him a train table for Christmas and he loves, loves, loves it.

- I celebrated a birthday by taking care of a violently ill toddler experiencing his first stomach virus - boo! He projectile-vomited every half hour for four hours straight. I have no idea where the sheer volume came from. Dinner reservations were canceled and towels were gone through two or three at a time. The vomiting started while walking through a shopping mall. I'll spare you the details, but trust me when I say it was the most terrible thing I've seen... ever? Maybe. Anyway, my mom was with us and it was as if time stood still while I had two simultaneous thoughts: The first was "Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod. Mom!! Do something!! Help him!!!" and the second was "Waaaaaaaait a second... FUCK. I'm the mom." There was a pause - only a second or two but it felt like thirty - during which he turned his face toward mine and looked at me with scared, wide eyes and I froze, looking back at him with the exact same expression, I'm sure. And then I figured it out. And then I figured it out again... and again... and again. I've had better birthdays.

- Elliot has decided to discontinue both going to sleep on his own and sleeping through the night - boo! M and I are terribly sleep-deprived. Looks like another round of sleep training is in order. Hate.

- Work is crazy - boo! (Yawn)

So that's the scoop. I'm moody and anxious and emotional and tired and not really blogging, except for skimming my reader between meetings and such. I have been doing my best to keep up to date on everyone (despite how my pitiful lack of commenting makes it seem) but especially on my two bedresting buds who I continue to send good vibes to every single day.


wishinghopingpraying said...

I am so sorry about the pukeapalooza, not fun ever but especially heinous on your birthday. BOO!

Congratulations on the new to you car, enjoy it!

I hope E decides to STTN again, it's hard to go backwards.

I hope "the thing" is going well.

Trinity said...

I chuckle at your complete lack of concern over the NaBloPoMo bail. You know, certain priorities really just fade into the distance and it is what it is. I can totally relate.

Hope the lil' guy is feeling MUCH better!

Happy belated birthday! I hope this hear is filled with many good things for you, K, including the the Thing Which Shall Not Be Blogged About. ;)

anofferingoflove said...

oh man..the projectile vomiting is no fun. poor baby. hope he is feeling better.

re: the thing that shall not be blogged about --- eeeeeeek!!! i am beyond excited and can. not. wait. until it becomes bloggable! :)

thanks for the continued good wishes. it feels so nice to folks "out there" rooting for these baby girls :)

SupersammyG said...

we had our first vomit fest ourselves over at darwinsmommies. I was out to dinner with E and my mom. I totally had the same reaction as I looked at my mom to tell me what to do about the puking baby next to me until I realized that I would need to take the lead. It only got better when I got struck down with it the next day, the wife, my mom, and dad all got it too. No fun. E and I are still working through it. It is not pretty.

Meegs said...

Ugh... pukefest... definitely something I'm not looking forward to as Gwen gets older. We've been lucky to avoid it so far (::knocks on wood::).

I'm hoping the thing that cannot be blogged about is the same something that you previously mentioned here. My fingers are crossed.