Friday, October 23, 2009

Updates? I got 'em.

Here are a few updates from our neck of the woods, in no particular order:

The diaper rash I mentioned in my last post turned into a yeast infection and it looks unbelievably terrible. It took us entirely too long to figure out what was going on and I feel so guilty that he was suffering with it all that time while we kept smearing useless diaper rash cream on it like the dummies we are. M had to keep reassuring me that we're first-time parents - this is just how it has to go sometimes as we find our way. I still feel awful. AWFUL. We started an antifungal cream last night and I am really hopeful that this will finally bring him some relief. I really miss his cloth diapers and can't wait to get him back into 'em.

M has to leave town on business for almost a week! I'm about to get our almost-crawler through six bedtimes, five weekday morning routines, and everything in between all by myself. Send good thoughts. And chocolate.

I'm hanging with inlocoparentis this weekend. I'm gonna feel her baby kick. She'll probably feel my baby kick too, because he's a wild man who will not be contained. I'm pretty excited about the whole affair.

I made a killing at one of those giant garage sale events last weekend. I got something like 4 or 5 long-sleeve onesies, 2 button-down shirts, 4 or 5 pairs of pants and 3 PJ sets - all for $14.00 and all high-quality brands in great condition. Keeping up with this kid's revolving wardrobe is quite the challenge. He's firmly into the 12-18 month sizes now (at 7 months) and starting to wear a few 18-24s here and there. I feel like his closet is decently stocked for the moment, but I know it won't last long.

When I dropped Elliot at daycare this morning, I sat him down on the floor and two other little guys promptly wandered/crawled over to sit with him. The three of them sat in a tiny circle, silently playing with the toys in the center. The eldest (all of about 20 months old) reached down and gently moved a toy closer to Elliot so he could reach it. As I was leaving, I called out Elliot's name (which he seems to have learned over the past few days) to say goodbye and he looked up at me and smiled the sweetest, most contented smile. The whole scene was so adorable it made me ache. It's funny, there are many parts of being a mom that I looked forward to, but it's often the things I didn't even know to anticipate that are the most surprisingly, amazingly wonderful.


anofferingoflove said...

i loved the last paragraph of this post - what a sweet moment with elliot! :)

Two Moms, Two Monkeys said...

Makes it easier to leave him when you know he's happy to stay right? What a sweet moment!

As for going it alone...godspeed my dear! I had to do a week with 5 month old twins (just from 7am to 5pm) and I was ready to throw in the towel after the first hour!

Inlocoparentis said...

Well at least you got one kick . . . and I got 4 pictures suitable for framing of my cute nephew. Good trade if you ask me. Loved seeing you, as always.