Wednesday, March 4, 2009

not much to report

No significant change today. The contractions are coming at about the same (irregular) intervals. I think they're a little stronger, but definitely no more frequent. If I were to try to put my finger on the difference it would be that the contractions I have today make me feel not so good - queasiness, achiness, etc. - as opposed to the ones I had last night that were just pressure with no extra bells or whistles.

Thanks for all the input you all gave on last night's post. Your comments were super helpful and gave me good things to think about. I tried to make some headway on the to-do list today. It's tough because a lot of things need to wait until the last minute (i.e. dropping the dog off, throwing my cell phone charger and other can't-be-packed-in-advance items into the hospital bag, etc.) but not all of them. I took care of several last night and today, I wrapped everything up at work so I am now officially on maternity leave! Now that I'm off tomorrow, I should have plenty of time to knock off the rest of my tasks: Doing a load of laundry, sending a few thank you notes, putting some more relaxing music on my ipod, and running out to BRU for a couple of last minute purchases. My parents got into town today which was the last big thing we hoped would happen before the baby arrived. 

And now we wait!

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Anonymous said...

Glad your ducks are now more in order. Hope there's some progress for you soon - I'm so excited!