Sunday, March 8, 2009

another day down

I was mostly useless today. M, on the other hand, cleaned our house to within an inch of its life. It looks like a showplace; the perfect environment to bring a baby home to. (You hear that baby? We're so ready for you! You can come out!)

I guess I wasn't completely useless. I did make brownies, but they were from a box. This afternoon, we took the dog to the park and walked and walked and walked. Lots of contractions but nothing particularly noteworthy. I'm going to call my acupuncturist tomorrow to find out how soon she'll start trying to coax this little one out of me. She may make me wait for my due date but I hope not.

I went on a pregnancy calculator earlier today and figured out how pregnant I'd be now if our first insemination had been successful. Ready for it? 126 weeks and 2 days. We have waited so long for this sweet little person to come into our lives. It's completely surreal to think the time left before we meet can be counted in days. Many days, perhaps, but days nonetheless.

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dreamsandfalsealarms said...

At one point my sister, who kept going into false labor with her fifth child (I know, I know) said "There comes a point in each pregnancy where I think i'll just be pregnant forever." That fifth child is now 19, and on the outside, so hang in there!