Tuesday, August 19, 2008


OB appointment is scheduled for Friday afternoon. It's with the nurse practitioner, but at least I'm getting in. I decided to leave one last message before driving down there, just in case, and I nearly fell of my chair when they (wait for it) answered their phone! They initially tried to schedule me with her for September 9th (aka 14 weeks) but when I suggested that I felt that was too late to begin prenatal care and perhaps I should call another doctor, something this week just opened right up! Amazing!

The plate is beautiful. Damn it. All the more disappointing that my family didn't get to see it. Here are a couple of pictures*:

*The real plate has our full names on it. These pics have been internetified.


bleu said...

OHHHHH SUCH AN ADORABLE PLATE!!!!!! I love love love it. I am also so glad you got your appointment and so irked at that office, they have one strike in my book as of now!!!

Heather said...

the plate did come out great!

Anonymous said...

The platter looks great and it sounds like you have earned a gold metal in getting the event called getting an appointment at that office. Congratulations.

Meegs said...

Glad you FINALLY got your appointment! Hopfully making them from here on out will be a lot easier.

Do you have anyone in real life that still doesn't know about your pregnancy? Because that plate is so damn cute it seems a shame to not use it on anyone! :-)