Monday, May 19, 2008

testing 1-2-3... is this thing on?

I'm submitting a bid for the title of worst blogger ever. A two-and-a-half week vacation? What do I think this is, Congress? In my defense, it wasn't just you I deserted. I took a break from everything from answering my phone to eating healthy to paying my bills (eek!) and it was freaking awesome. My parents were in town for 8 days and provided the perfect excuse for ignoring all of my adult responsibilities, as well as a blissful distraction from my regular "All TTC all the time" existence. Lupron starts tomorrow and I am relaxed and ready to go.

In other (but related) news, something has come up on the new job and I'm not going to be able to apply. The job is with the state and it has to do with the merit-based qualifications required for the position. The supervisor for the position thought it was something we could get around but it turns out he was mistaken. I was a little disappointed upon learning this, but that feeling was quickly eclipsed by one of relief that it was taken off my plate. You all witnessed the tizzy I'd worked myself into over "should I or shouldn't I" in the midst of everything else we have going on, and now it's a moot point. Furthermore, I don't have to waste even a minute second-guessing my decision (a regular pastime of mine) as there was no decision to be made on my part. I actually grateful for my powerlessness, as strange as that sounds. It was a fantastic opportunity and I couldn't let myself pass it up, despite the poor timing, but now I can focus all of my energy on IVF - something my gut has wanted all along - without the mixed feelings I would have had if I'd let another opportunity go by in order to do so.

So that's the scoop. I'll be back with an injection report tomorrow, and I promise to stick around this time!


bleu said...

Welcome Back stranger!!!!!!!!

Sometimes it is sooo good to have a decision taken out of your hands, so for that I am happy for you.

Much love.

Mrs. Bluemont said...

thank goodness you're back. i was missing you and getting a little worried. hope the lupron goes well and the relaxation stays. ox

veeandjay said...

Hey there stranger! Glad all is well with you. Shame about the job, but it's one less thing to worry about, you're right.

Good luck with sticking yourself!

Inlocoparentis said...

Sounds like the break really helped! I am glad you had a good time with your wonderful parents and are looking forward (well, you know what I mean) to the next phase of this journey. :)

Lizzie said...

I'm relieved for you, that the job isn't a tantalizing and confusing option anymore. Onward with the baby making!