Tuesday, January 1, 2008

starting 2008 off right

Lots of good news on the TTC front yesterday. I talked to our NP and she will do an IUI this cycle using one of KD's vials. This is way cheaper for us b/c we've already paid for KD's vials and the NP charges significantly less for an IUI. Also, we get to use KD which we weren't going to be able to do with the RE, AND we don't have to miss this cycle meaning:

1) No wasted Clomid side effects,

2) No involuntary break, and

3) No delay in meeting the 2 more Clomid + IUI cycles our RE is requiring before moving on.

It also looks like KD may be able to come out in a month so we can do an IUI with fresh swimmers (yay!) and he can have the infectious disease repeat screening that he needs for the RE to start using his vials after February 1st.

And here's something we're trying on for size...

We have tentatively decided to move forward with IVF in March/April. I'm still going to try to have at least one more consultation between now and then to allow every opportunity to be swayed, but we have spent the last three days making pro/con lists, staring at calendars, and running scenarios. In the end, this is the route that makes the most sense for us in conjunction with the rest of our goals for the next year. It's not a final decision by any means, but it's what we're going with for now.

Happy 2008 to all my friends in cyberland!


Meegs said...

Happy New Year sweetie! Glad for all the good news!

Femeros said...

Wow. IVF in March/April. Hopefully, it won't come to that. We're still keeping our fingers crossed for you! Good luck, darlin!