Monday, October 8, 2007

much needed update

Operation [whatever I called it that has to do with taking better care of myself] is underway and going brilliantly. I started acupuncture last Thursday and I'm floored at the difference just one visit made in my mood and my stress level. I am SO much more relaxed and I haven't felt this peaceful in many months. It is most welcome. I'm going back this afternoon, Thursday, and twice next week, which will take me through this week's inseminations and next week's (hopefully!) implantation time. After that, I will go down to weekly visits to maintain my new zen-like state of existence. :-) I was prepared to see a psychiatrist, and even picked one out of the many referrals I received, but I feel sooooo much better after just the acupuncture, I'm going to hold off for a little while and see how things progress.

One of the best parts was that I took in all my temperature charts and after looking at them for about 3 whole seconds, she found something to actually FIX. Finally, *someone* has looked at my situation and been able to offer me some hope for change or improvement. She's lucky I didn't kiss her right on the spot. ;-) She said it can take up to three months for the acupuncture to make cycle changes, but she wouldn't be surprised if I started seeing some signs of improvement much sooner than that. If it's even half as effective on the rest of my body as it has been on my mental/emotional state, I can't wait to see what kind of good things it brings.

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