Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Try #7

I'll probably go in on Thursday or Friday for round 7 of the super-fun-baby-making-extravaganza. Yay.

The Metformin I started last week made me sick, sick, sick, sick, SICK. I was soooo unimpressed. I told M if it was any indication of how morning sickness would be, I wasn't sure I'd make it! She reminded me I would feel a whole lot different if I was actually pregnant and there was a tangible reward coming at a (relatively) predetermined finish line. She's totally right.

I'm very disconnected from this cycle. I think it's because I mentally prepared myself to break this month, and I also think it's too soon for the Metformin to make a difference. I dunno, but apathy is actually kind of a welcome visitor during this process so I'm cool with it.

That said, I think 7 is a great number. Very lucky. The artist formerly known as the symbol (or whatever) has got to be on to something.

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