Friday, May 18, 2007

IUI... check!

Well, we had a misunderstanding and training M to do an IUI at home was not an option, so we had to decide between me going back to the NP for a second IUI today, or sticking with 1 IUI this time and storing the second vial. At first, we thought we would go ahead with 2 since the price difference between storing and using the second vial that we already have was $50. However, once we got home we did a more detailed accounting of what the next 5 months of TTC will cost if we use the second vial this time v. if we don't (not that we'll get to that point, of course... LOL!), and it became clear that it would be better to save the second vial for now. Also, I started having pretty significant ovulation pains about 4 hours after the IUI, so I think it was timed well.

EDIT: Paragraph o'whining deleted. This shit is really expensive. 'Nuff said.

So, now we wait. I feel like our timing was good, but it's been good before and nothing came of it. Maybe this time will be different. It could happen. :-)

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