Friday, March 11, 2011


1. This past week ranks in my top 5 Worst Work Weeks Ever, and that's saying something as my job has been circling the drain for some time now. There were some other rough patches mixed in as well. Hard to say whether the chicken or the egg came first on that one.

2. Today, on the other hand, was wonderful. I took the day off to finish the preparations for my big boy's SECOND birthday party (good grief), to be held tomorrow afternoon. I ran around like a mad woman all day but it was sunny and beautiful and I crossed everything off my list.

3. I'm still working on that other post I advertised; the one where you are going to tell me whether we should move now or wait. I'm mostly sure the answer has already surfaced, but there are some lingering thoughts bouncing around.

4. I have another post brewing too; a "left behind" post. (See items 1 and 3.) Oh, and there will be three visibly pregnant women at E's b-day party tomorrow. The fourth one we thought might come isn't going to make it. Lord help me.

5. I'm wrestling with the same privacy concerns so many of you have already written about. Scary stuff going on out there. Not sure yet what direction I'll go in with it, but it's been heavy on my mind the last few days.

6. Today was my due date. Exactly two years ago, I was on my way home from a late dinner, wondering if the contractions I'd been having for the last week were ever going to turn into something worthwhile. Little did I know, I only had a few more hours to wait before things would start to get exciting.


Pomegranate said...

i hope the Worst Week Ever is soon a distant memory and that the bellies at the party aren't too hurtful. Happy birthday to E.

Meegs said...

I hope this week is much, much better. ::hugs::