Thursday, March 11, 2010

365 days ago

March 11, 2009 was my due date.

At this time last year, M and I were sitting in a restaurant with friends, unaware that we were enjoying our last night out as a family of two. Five hours later, the contractions I'd been having off and on for the past week would become so strong I couldn't sleep through them, and our crazy adventure would be underway.

A few minutes ago, I made a loop through the house to gather up Elliot's toys while M rocked him to sleep in his room. (He's walking now, did I mention that? This means his toys log a lot more miles.) Before that, I pulled out food and diapers to go to daycare tomorrow. After I post this, I'm off to work on a craft project for his birthday party next weekend. On one hand, it's hard for me to believe a whole year has passed, but then I look at how different my life is and it seems even more unbelievable that it evolved so much so quickly.

So yeah, were in first birthday party planning mode, which is surreal. I think we got a late start on sign language but E is signing more, all done and eat. We obviously need to branch out to non-food-related signs now. He's also making admirable efforts to say kitty, juice, banana, duck, turtle, and he says ma-ma-ma-ma-ma all the time but we're still not entirely convinced he's attached it to us. He is obsessed with pushing buttons on anything and everything, and he dances whenever he hears music. It's all pretty darn cute.

There's been a welcome wave of cloth diaper posts on my reader lately and I'm working on ours. Hopefully I'll get it up tomorrow.

Oh and one favor before I go... Anyone have suggestions for nicknames I could start using for M and I? I'm sick of being a single letter. :-) I've looked at lists of constellations, elements, spices, cheeses, plants, trees, musical terms, beach names, and more but nothing has jumped out at me. The best pairs I've come up with are Kiwi and Mango, Ketchup and Mustard, Koala and Monkey, and Kookaburra and Mockingbird. I think the birds are my favorite because they tie into the blog title, but they're also really damn long for frequent typing. And none of them are quite us. Therefore, it is with great faith that I turn it over to the divine wisdom of The Internets. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. :-)


Inlocoparentis said...

What a difference a year makes! Oh, and if it wasn't 3am I could have a hell of a lot of fun with this nickname request.

anofferingoflove said...

wow, thats crazy! i cant believe elliot is almost a year old!

your post has nudged me to work on our own blog nicknames - its so hard!

jay said...

Oh, the buttons - how they must be pushed!

What about Em and Kay? That's what we did with ours - just spelled our the letters phonetically.

tireegal68 said...

Congratulations on Elliot's 365 days plus a day or two!
it's amazing and wild to think he's a whole year old AND walking!!!

Strawberry said...

I'm a fan of the bird nicknames, too. And happy one year! Wow, they don't goes by so fast.