Saturday, January 3, 2009

quick update

M has become a little addicted to feeling the baby move over the past few days and I kind of love it.  I'm still fascinated with all the movement myself and it's fun sharing it with someone who is as excited as I am. She's felt the baby before, of course, but it's gotten so strong lately and it's movements are so constant and noticeable - I'm sure it feels much more dramatic from the outside than it did a few weeks ago. These days, it seems that if I'm not actively walking around, the baby is moving. I don't know when he or she sleeps!

I also forgot to add to my last update that the stretch marks have arrived, and they are oh-so-lovely. The baby definitely has a preferred side of my belly to hang out on, and I only have stretch marks on that one side, so apparently my skin has noticed the trend! I can only imagine how things are going to look 10 weeks from now.

Thank you all for the supportive comments about my last post. We spent New Year's Eve with them - just the four of us - and it helped me focus on all the fun and exciting things about sharing this territory with them. Not that I wasn't aware of those things before, but they were muddied by emotion and the difference of just 24 hours really helped clear that out a bit.

One more thing before I go. M and I are presently sitting on the couch and she just took this picture with her phone and emailed it to me, so I am going to share it with all of you. Ah, technology.


bleu said...

Oh sooo adorable. My mama dog loved being on or pushed up against my belly when I was pregnant with Bliss. She even labored on my belly when she had her puppies when I was pregnant. Now she just does the next to pushing up against it often, so cute!!

So glad you had a good time and feelings smoothed out a bit.

Anonymous said...

Cute kitty cuddle picture! Glad to hear that things are going well.

jessie said...

AH, that picture is SO cute!

Anonymous said...

We just took a picture of our chihuahua doing the same thing yesterday! :)

Elise said...

that is one of the most adorable pictures i have ever seen!

A said...

First what a great picture with the cat. Adorable. I just came across your blog or for the first time really looked at your journey. What a journey it has been. 13 tries and IVF. I'm so happy for you that your dream has been filled. Belated congrats! I hope you have a healthy and happy baby!