Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I failed.

I don't know my exact number. 3-hour test is Thursday morning.

I am SOOOOO bummed - way more than I should be given the stats I know about how many people fail the 1-hour and go on to pass the 3-hour. Even if I pass the next test (best case scenario), I'm still "borderline" enough to have failed this one, and that feels like an indictment of so many things: My general health, my eating and exercise habits, my chances of having a normal size baby and an unmedicated birth, my body's ability to do ANYTHING the easy way... and the list goes on.

I'm going to withhold any further self-pity until I get the results of Thursday's test, but I am not a happy camper. Any and all low-glucose vibes appreciated.


mulberry said...

you will pass the 3 hour - you WILL! you did not do this to your self. some people just get GD. you are pregnant and you are going to have a beautiful baby. so, ya did that... i am sending you very low-glucose vibes

bleu said...

Everyone I know lately , myself included, failed 1 hour and passed 3 hour. I even had the one fail and 3 pass of my 3 hour and was still considered ok.

The feelings you are having, all of them, and the emotions....I PROMISE YOU, they are not so much about the test as they are just pregnancy hormones. Remind yourself that. they will have you feeling bleak in a hot second sometimes but knowing they can do that can help.

Your body has done great and will continue to do great.

Much love hun.

Anonymous said...

UGH. I am so sorry. Sending you low sugar vibes :-)

tbean said...

You're gonna pass the three hour. I just know it!

Heather said...

Yes you will pass the three hour!! I know it too, santa told me!!

::low sugar vibes::