Wednesday, October 8, 2008

current conditions

Things at work have been non-stop, insanely busy and my home computer is acting up, so my internet access is pretty limited at the moment. Tonight, for some reason, it is cooperating so I bring you an 18 week update!

Things are going really well. I am absolutely loving the fact that I can eat again... and I'm celebrating by eating pretty much everything in arm's reach. I'm only up 7 pounds from my pre-IVF weight (right on track according to my "your pregnancy this week" email which says I should have gained 5-10 pounds by now) but my big ol' belly is already forcing me out of a few of my earliest maternity items. Today I did the rubber band trick on a pair of maternity pants - yikes!

I'm getting pretty consistent movement these days and it's such a trip! I'm amazed by how much this little one is rockin' and rollin' in there. I can't wait until M can feel it from the outside.

Our big ultrasound is 10/22. I can't wait! It's been over a month since we've had a glimpse at the baby and I know he or she has developed so much since then. It worked out that my mom will be in town during our ultrasound so she's going to come along. I'm really excited about sharing it with her. We're still firmly in the "not finding out" camp so there won't be any gender announcements, but hopefully we'll get some pretty pictures to share.

Still haven't heard anything back on the quad screen, but I'm assuming no news is good news.

I'm nearly finished with the hypnobirthing book and it's mostly resonating, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by it all, too. I think taking the classes will really help cement the key concepts. Contacting local instructors is on my list for this week, computer willing.

We're still struggling with girl names. I'm pretty sure we will be right up until (and during?) labor. M and I just have such different taste. It's amazing we agreed on the boy names as easily as we did, really.

I paid the last of our outstanding IVF bills today - they totaled* a mere $2200. Yeowch. Still, I would do it again in a heartbeat and there isn't a minute that goes by that I don't think about how amazingly lucky we are. I went through so many months (years?) believing so completely that this could never happen for us. My heart is with those still waiting and hurting. I hope that your babies find you sooner rather than later.

* Did you know the dictionary lists both totaled and totalled as appropriate ways to spell this word? How can that be? Commit, people!


bleu said...

YAY for constant movement, isn't it the best??? I cannot wait to get there!!

I love that I have "not finding out gender" buddies. It is so rare these days!!

Janet said...

I'm so so so excited for you and M and I miss you so outrageously. Beaming my love across the miles, and grateful for this update.

Do you want an answer to your P.S.?
"totaled" is American, "totalled" is British

tbean said...

Yay for bellies and movement and maternity clothes. What a great place to be in!

Travelher and Pufferfish said...

Wait the total IVF bill was $2200? Or is there supposed to be another zero on there...?
I had to laugh at this:
"Yeowch. Still, I would do it again in a heartbeat"
Because just last night I was reading about your IVF cycle and the night you said you would NEVER do this again!! (the next day you'd softened a bit).
So happy things are going well!

K said...

Janet - Thanks for the spelling clarification. Thank goodness for friends that are smarter than I am. :-) Miss you too and I've got an email brewing for you.

Travelher - $2200 total for our IVF cycle? I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the thought of that. Nope, $2200 was our remaining balance with the clinic. I can't actually add up the grand IVF total because I'd need a crisis intervention, but I'd guess it was 8 or 9 times that, let alone the cost of the 14 cycles that came before it. When I said I'd do it all again, I meant writing the checks. The physical part... well, okay I'd probably do that again too but it would take a lot more cajoling!

Inlocoparentis said...

I know a nice girl name . . it starts with an A and ends with an A. Or, if you prefer something a little less traditional, may I suggest my bridesmaid alias? There. Problem solved.

Janet said...

Not smarter, DG. Just with different bits of random knowledge.